Full-Time Study

Twelve months study option

Full-time study for IU's RN to BSN Degree Completion Option means a twelve-month option after general education coursework has been completed. Courses are 8 weeks in the academic year and 6 weeks in the summer. 

Female nurse in blue scrubs looking at a report

Twelve months: three semesters with twelve credits

Courses are available year round. Students must take B331 first and R470 last, and all other courses may be taken in any order you wish. Note: courses listed below are all three credits each.

Semester 1

  • Term 1: B331 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing Practice
  • Term 1: B304 Health Policy
  • Term 2: S475 Multisystem Approach to the Health of the Community
  • Term 2: H355 Data Analysis

Semester 2

  • Term 1: S474 Applied Healthcare Ethics
  • Term 1: Nursing Elective
  • Term 2: R375 Nursing Research and EBP
  • Term 2: S487 Nursing Management

Semester 3

  • Term 1: B404 Informatics
  • Term 1: Nursing Elective
  • Term 2: R470 Clinical Baccalaureate Nursing Capstone
  • Term 2: Nursing Elective